Itchenor Society Inaugural Committee and Officers

The Itchenor Society was founded in 1989. The founding committee comprised of:



Mr D Corsan

Vice Chairman

Mr J Lunch and Mrs F Miles

Hon Secretary

Mr N Pattison

Hon Treasurer

Mr K Webster



Executive committee



Mr G Ashford


Mr R Birkett


Miss J Bewsey


Mr R Graham


Mr J Holmes


Mr T Mitchell


Mrs P Sitwell


Since those early days the Society has benefitted from the leadership of a succession of Chairman as follows:

1993 Mr J Holmes

1997 Mr K Moate

1999 Mr P Henshaw

2004 Mr D Rolph

2004 Mr A (Tony) Anstee

2007 Mr Peter Dean

2010 Mr Christopher Mead-Briggs

Many others have served on the Executive Committee, devoting much time and effort to the pursuit of the Society's objectives. A special mention must go to Mr John Holmes who was on the first committee in 1989 and served 15 years, finally retiring in October 2005.




Village Design Statement (VDS) 2nd Edition 2012

This document reflects the original input and ideas of the 2004 version but it has been brought up-to-date with current planning policies, the newly extended Conservation area, new photographs, a revised layout and additional information. In the hard copy you will notice that all town planning policies are located in Appendices 6 and 7 which are now in loose leaf and therefore it will be much easier for us to keep the VDS up-to-date by issuing revisions of these when necessary.

The VDS was approved by Chichester District Council (CDC) in December 2012 and will be referred to when considering planning applications within our village. Since its formal adoption by CDC it has already proved invaluable in dealing with proposed development in Itchenor.

We would like to thank all the residents who let us have their views during the period of consultation. We are also very appreciative of the help, input and financial contributions towards the design costs made by the West Itchenor Parish Council and Chichester Harbour Conservancy. We are extremely grateful to Chichester District Council for the assistance given to enable us to bring this VDS up-to-date.

Finally, our thanks must go to our Chairman, Christopher Mead-Briggs. Without his drive, commitment and enthusiasm for maps, historic buildings and the village, this update would not have come to fruition.

Peter Arnold Honorary Secretary April 2013